2019 has been a significant year, one that I’m just so proactive about, one reason is that I just can’t wait to fully apply all the lesson I’ve learnt so far in the journey and interestingly, I’ve found myself taking some decisions/doing some things I never expect I will do, for example the decision to dissolve my entire OYESource Team and start afresh with a combination of same set of people and new ones.

Well, I’m an fan of change, always embracing it as fast as possible as I’ve come to learnt things change a lot and very fast (as a result of our thoughts and action), but regardless, it will always be forward ever.

So in line with my conscious documentation, though this is just one piece of the pizza (you may not really get the full picture), I decided to share here the message I sent to my team and scope of the whole dissolving.

PS: Without removing the WhatsApp styling symbols, here we go.
Good Morning to you all.
Being part of OYESource team is more than this WhatsApp group, this WhatsApp group to me is more like a way for each and everyone of us to stay connected together (distance notwithstanding) to continue to communicate, grow and build together.
Interestingly, today 19 February, 2019 is going to be a significant day in the history of OYESource, in reference to a Team member’s act above, I just took a decision right now and I’m acting on it.
This is a delegate time (lots of things going on FAGEnSAGE ’19, e-learning launch, OSpotr +… just to mention a few), and it seems perfect timing for me to do this as the leader and CEO/CEH of everything OYESource _(of course I’m still learning & growing day-by-day)_ I’m going to *dissolve this WhatsApp group and this connote a direct and significant symbol/way of dissolving the entire OYESource team*, I will follow this up with an SMS to notify us one by one.
Though, this may look confusing, I’m imaging myself waking up to such a message if I where in your shoe, but my intention for doing this is so as to reshuffle the house, set things straight, and start afresh plus to make it easy for anyone among us who has actually left days, weeks, months back but hasn’t gotten the opportunity to leverage on to exist.
_Not everybody who started the race will finish and not all those who finished the race started from the beginning._

*Mind You…*

This is not a departing message, and I don’t want it to sound like one. I want you to see this as natural _(one of those things)_ especially the moment where there’s significant growth _(even though the brand still has more economic loss than profit)_, there’ll be *changes*, boxed up issues that needs to be cleared, *changes we need to embrace* and to me it totally normal. Funny, we don’t hear this “ugly” part of how Dangote, Facebook, Amazon, Mavin Record and co. was built.
I know we are all students, buts it’s over 3 years I started OYESource and we’ve built it to this stage, everything OYESource as never been a joke to me, it has been one of my top 3 priorities day and night, now it’s time to really run OYESource as the Empire she really is.
*Right now, we Ride or Die* (lol, that’s a strong one, but I hope you get my message)

*So What’s Next?*

This dissolving is actually a fresh start. it’s simple, for the few and hopefully all of us who are still in interested in this journey to stardom, building the OYESource Empire together (which will definitely happen with you as an essential part).
You can (one by one) send me a Direct Message on my WhatsApp, and clearly state what you want to bring in/contribute/offer as I believe you are fully endowed with the vision, mission, objective and scope of everything OYESource _(It’s good I’m already looking forward to a way to get us all trained and also open the chance to recruit more like minds)_, where you believe you best fit in the building of a future we can all be proud of, living an impactful/valuable life which gives us the privilege and resources to live the life of our dreams.
It’s like a family, everyone may leave, the girls get married to another family and the guys build their own family, while some of the children take after the father and skyrocket the father’s vision beyond limit, and as the father, I’m going no where, this is a lifelong vision, that would continue to get clearer and will continue to be executed even after my death (forever).
*I Love You All!*
Now let’s start afresh ♻

That’s it! Now tell me in the comment section below, what feeling did you get while reading the message?

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