Finally I’m Saying It: School is Fucked Up!

I’ve always detest the general notion “Go to school, Get Certificate, You Need it” and all sorts. If I’m not in school, it would have been a different case. But after spending more than 3 years in the University and many hours arround me now I know I wasn’t wrong in the first place and I’ve come to my conclusion that:

Schooling in Nigeria as a path to making it is a fucked up strategy that needs to be re-eveluated. Period!

You can watch this Instagram Video to further listen to my 1min thought on the subject.

By The Way…

I’m going to update this content with feedback on this topic, you can feel free to drop your comment, it’s allowed.

And I’m sure gonna expand on the school idea but till then, BlessUP 🤗

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