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Who Will Take-over My Ideas When I Graduate From School?

What Happens to OYESource after I graduate, who will take over? This question is one of the most frequent questions I’m been asked from students over here and today I took time to answer it. How The Question Came It all went down in a my DM on WhatsApp when one of my contacts: Kledo reply my status update with a question. screenshot below Question …Nothing to learn but I have a question. They say nothing last 4ever who will replaced your position @FagenSage when you graduate? Answer Hmmm… Nothing… Read More

Finally, my Documentation Begins, See Video

I’ve been ranting that I’ll love to document my journey more. Just yesterday I told you about the first step I took which is to open a Youtube channel to host my videos and today, I’m a step forward as I successful uploaded an introductory video I sat down at a corner of the house to shot on my phone. I’m soooo super-excited about this whole thing, and to be honest, I don’t really like the idea of being on the public radar, I’ve always love to do things in… Read More

23 Day to OYESource Rebirth, Will I Fail or Succeed?

Honestly, it a good question, so serious that I decided to publish it here, Just so you’re aware, thinking maybe your eyes at my back will be a good motivation for me (on a side) and drive my growing OYESource Team. So once again. To Launch the Restructured OYESource by May 23, Will I Fail or Succeed? Hmm, for months, I’ve known that a day will come when main focus will be dedicated to one of the aspects of life I care about building a business on: Light, in… Read More

David’s Guide to Open a Legitimate PayPal Business Account in Nigeria

We’ve been waiting for the day we’ll be able to receive money into our PayPal Account from Nigeria without restriction or gaming the system. As at 2010, Nigeria was still banned/blacklisted from having a PayPal account. I remember in 2014, when PayPal announced that Nigerians can open PayPal account, but with an unbearable limitation. This type of account can only be used to buy things online or send payments to other PayPal accounts, which basically made the account useless to Nigeria folks who run business online (I included). Finally the… Read More

CTAN is Live! – It’s A New Dawn in the Entertainment Industry

Yes, its a new dawn in the entertainment industry. On a side, I’ve been working as a CSO/CMO at Calitunes, simply because I love the creative work happening at the company and as much as I have my babies too. I love to contribute my quota to the success of the Calitunes brand. Today, Calitunes officially Launch The Calitunes Ad Network (CTAN) for Artist/Entertainers to dynamically recreate the way quality contents are promoted. About Calitunes Ad Network (CTAN) The Calitunes Ads network is a sub-platform of Calitunes that allows Artists/Entertainers… Read More

1 Dollar Now Equals 182.16 Naira, True or False?

Could this be true? $1 Dollar now equals ₦182.16 (Naira) So we where just returning home from school and my friend alerted me about the drop in dollar from the initial ₦358 I checked on Google (as at 8:38pm) and discovered it is true. But I then sat down and looked inward a bit. Just yesterday I was watching a video from Robert Kiyosaki on Youtube about the prediction of the US Stock market falling in 2018. Okay, I don’t know what this means, but I’m super eager to know… Read More

Beginning With The End in Mind

Honestly, that’s one of my strength. Though I don’t always know how, but I’m freaking good at having a vivid picture of where I want to end up with any journey/project. I’m not there yet, still falling and I’m okay with that because failing is part of the process. If there’s anything I’ve learnt: one is that I need to fail and fail fast enough so my time for breakthrough/success will come quicker than it should otherwise and come here to stay 🙂 . What’s You Expect From David Oladejo’s… Read More

60 Days to Earn 1 Million Naira

Its November 1, 2017 and 60 days before the year is over and I think it’s sweet of me to say that, “60 Days Challenge to Earn 1 million naira” I agree I’m a fumbler and have failed at many goals I set, but I don’t give up, and you know what? I posted it on my WhatsApp Status and ask my contacts what they feel about that, and only 4 people replied out of about 100 people who have viewed that update as at this morning. And to those… Read More

I Am Launching WaKonect With a Difference

WaKonect again? Lol See, I recently asked how you how can make a billion dollar in 3 year. Only God knows how much time I’ve wasted procrastinating about what I want to do and all that without getting good result. Simply because I didn’t put in the work. I have to be a resourcesful platform for Higher Institution Students across the globe. to be my personal work brand to establish my Davidollad Future Dream as a whole. This blog to be the guide for youths in business, love… Read More