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Finally, my Documentation Begins, See Video

I’ve been ranting that I’ll love to document my journey more. Just yesterday I told you about the first step I took which is to open a Youtube channel to host my videos and today, I’m a step forward as I successful uploaded an introductory video I sat down at a corner of the house to shot on my phone. I’m soooo super-excited about this whole thing, and to be honest, I don’t really like the idea of being on the public radar, I’ve always love to do things in… Read More

Hurray! UNWIND Succeeded! What A Good Way To Start OSCEntz Project in 2019

January 25, 2019 is definitely a significant day in the journey of @oscentz and the entire OYESource Empire @oyesourcexyz. Lessons learnt in 2018 and been put into practice is begining to turn out to be highly valuable. We feel it’s good of us to share with you both the success and failure. All previous 6 event/shows are grand success, but financially unsuccessful. Thankfully, this time arround, with the 7th event in the course of 3 years #unwind2019 turn out to be without debt and profitable (though very little), but that’s… Read More

23 Day to OYESource Rebirth, Will I Fail or Succeed?

Honestly, it a good question, so serious that I decided to publish it here, Just so you’re aware, thinking maybe your eyes at my back will be a good motivation for me (on a side) and drive my growing OYESource Team. So once again. To Launch the Restructured OYESource by May 23, Will I Fail or Succeed? Hmm, for months, I’ve known that a day will come when main focus will be dedicated to one of the aspects of life I care about building a business on: Light, in… Read More

David’s Guide to Open a Legitimate PayPal Business Account in Nigeria

We’ve been waiting for the day we’ll be able to receive money into our PayPal Account from Nigeria without restriction or gaming the system. As at 2010, Nigeria was still banned/blacklisted from having a PayPal account. I remember in 2014, when PayPal announced that Nigerians can open PayPal account, but with an unbearable limitation. This type of account can only be used to buy things online or send payments to other PayPal accounts, which basically made the account useless to Nigeria folks who run business online (I included). Finally the… Read More

About 7 Days to Learn Web Design (7DWeb)

The way this 7DWeb came to be is both funny and interesting, very quickly Information want to give you the insight of how I came about the 7DWeb. So I just entered Ikole from Oye Campus at my school (Fuoye) and I was hungry, I can’t get myself to cook anything this evening so I decide to go out to eat, at the eatery, it was almost raining and voila, I don’t even know where the idea came from. It just entered my head and immediately I brought out my… Read More